Intentional Leader: Catalysts for Change

12 Apr

Monthly Theme: Change

Week 2



It. Is. Not. Easy.


Education and Change.

It. Must. Be. Different. To. Engage. Inspire. (our current students)


For those educators who are interested in taking time out of their work to really question their ideas, values and belief systems should take some time to view this incredible playlist of Re-imagining school TED Talks.


These videos are powerful as they allow us to question:

–         How is this change affecting my daily work?

–         What kind of professional learning support do I require to move forward in my teaching practice?

–         How can I share my learning and network with other teachers in my school, in my division, in the province and around the world?

–         Are there things that I am doing now that I should be stopping?


The Playlist consists of:

1)      Ken Robinson: Schools Kill Creativity

2)     Salman Khan: Let’s use Video to Reinvent Education

3)     Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud

4)     Daphne Koller: What We’re Learning form online Education

5)     Geoff Mulgan: A Short Intro to the Studio School

6)     Sugata Mitra: How Kids Teach Themselves

7)     Peter Norvig: The 100,000 Student Classroom

8)    Dave Egger: Once Upon a School

9)     Liz Coleman: Reinvent Liberal Arts Education

10)  Arthur Benjamin: Teach Stats Before Calculus

11)   Kiran Bir Sethi: Kids Take Charge

12)  Patrick Awuah: Educating Leaders


Watch these individually or with colleagues, you are certain to have some great conversations surrounding each one!



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