Intentional Leader: Embrace Change to Avoid Complacency

05 Apr

Monthly Theme: Change

Week 1

As I look at my educational rooted surroundings, I am amazed at how much has changed since I went to school as a student. Yes, I could be dating myself in saying that when I attended K-12 school, the following educational learning conditions were present:

–         All students did all the same work

–         Videos were shown via 16mm film, VHS and Beta

–         Individualized work, memorization and proper study skills were predominant

–         I did have teachers who were passionate and engaged my classmates and I but that varied from year to year

–         Lots of paper and pen work, reading from textbooks, writing notes from a chalkboard or projector

And now, as an educator myself and former Assistant Principal, attending a K-12 school in 2013 now showcases:

–         Differentiation for a variety of student learning styles and student needs

–         Opportunity for students to interact with their environment through various media, with other classrooms throughout the world

–         Collaborative, cooperative learning environments

–         Thinking about the thinking = metacognition and building criteria to set a target/make a judgement on the learning experience (ie. Critical thinking)

–         Learning from online sources, developing own learning artefacts

–         More opportunities for student exploring, creating, imagining and aspiring

Changes that have affected our educational norms have been divulged via Sir Ken Robinson’s infamous February 2006 TED Talk on Schools killing creativity. As well, other changes, due to the internet revolution have challenged us as well. See an updated version of the Social Media Video 2013 below as well as the Social Digital Media Revolution Statistics that will have your head spinning as to the vast expanse and reach social media has on each one of us.


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