iPadnesday: Literacy

03 Apr


Today I met with a group of teachers who were interested in seeking out resources to use on the iPad for Literacy tasks in the classroom. I grouped the resources I was sharing into:

Class Project – Flat Stanley

Challenge – Textropolis, 4 Pics 1 Word, Photo Quiz, Pics and Words, MixTwo, Word Wall, Bluster!

Create/Demonstrate – Creative Book Builder, Toontastic, PuppetPals HD, Sock Puppets, Word Foto, Comic Touch Lite, Fotobabble

Notetaking – Notability, Dragon Dictate, Paperport Notes

Reading – TeachMe, LAZ, Booksy, MyScript Memo, MeeGenius, iBook

Our purpose was to review what apps were available in the above groupings and see how they could be used in the K-12 classroom. The early years teachers loved the Flat Stanley app while the middle – high school teachers really liked Comic Touch lite, Fotobable and Paperport Notes. One of the second language teachers saw a great opportunity to use WordFoto in language acquisition. Check out the more in-depth information provided at


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