Intentional Leader: Against All Odds

08 Feb

Monthly Theme: Perseverance

Week: 1


Taking chances, reaching for the impossible, being broken hearted or broken down…it’s through perseverance that allows us to maneuver through the obstacles in life. Although there are many stories of perseverance, I find that Rudy Ruettiger’s notion to attend Notre Dame is one that many people can easily relate to. (I have a 3 minute clip below, but it’s definitely a great movie for students and families to watch!)

Perseverance is not always a short path. This may be why we find it hard to believe that we are on the right track. There are no “overnight success stories”. Celebrities of song, stage and sports will tell you that they worked long and hard (and continue to do so) before they were ‘discovered’ or ‘made it big’. So too is with us. Perseverance takes a vision, a plan, support, follow-through and reflection. This cycle doesn’t stop until success is achieved. Once achieved, new goals are set. (You can certainly see this in the great technological giants such as Apple, Samsung, BlackBerry, Microsoft. As innovation and perseverance is cyclical and constant, otherwise these companies falter.)

Jessica, who writes the Minimal Student blog, has great tips and examples of perseverance for students. Check out her suggestions HERE.

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