Intentional Leader: Contagious Passion

01 Feb

Monthly Theme: Passion

Week: 4

My professional passion is tied to a core belief that ALL students have an opportunity to learn, to be engaged and to be challenged in the learning environment. I belong to many active educational listservs, read various blogs, follow Twitter feeds and chats, create and host workshops, provide professional learning opportunities for individual, small group and large groups of teachers and administrators and I network with various organizations and institutions. My email inbox, my twitter streams (#edchat, #edtech, #atchat to name a few) are resources that are continually challenging me. My actions and tasks change daily, yet my message needs to be clear with the people I work with – I attempt to help teachers, students and parents obtain the most effective learning environment, best tasks and relevant tools. There are a lot of discussions, some trial and error, some research, and finally, some successes!


My dream is to have accessible, achievable and attainable learning for ALL (staff, students, etc.) Although we live in a digitized environment, not all materials are accessible for students. For example, there is a grade 9 student with low vision who uses a Mac in his French Immersion studies. Do you know that even today, this boy cannot access a digital publisher’s copy of a course book that is used (in print) in class? So, for me, it’s really talking with teachers and finding out the student(s) in the class that would do well with access to technology for reading, writing, recording…(a S.E.T.T. framework discussion ensues which allows me to further target the resource(s)/tool(s)) Sometimes it’s forging ahead and making new connections with Alberta Education, or publishers or app developers to ask if they could locate a resource. Sometimes it’s using older technology (CDrom, mp3 player) personalized to the learner so they can participate in class with their peers.

Milepost accessibiloity

In March, two colleagues and I will be presenting at a CASS/Alberta Education Learning Symposium in mid March regarding Accessibility: Milepost – where are we at now? See our presentation HERE with the participants input as well. Some interesting insights!


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