Intentional Leader: Stoking the Flame of Your Passion

25 Jan

Monthly Theme: Passion

Week: 3


Staying true to your passion is satisfying, yet temptations such as new techniques, tasks, and tools make it quite challenging to stay true to course. Keeping my vision alive, revisiting my professional focus and sharing ideas with colleagues and family members allow me to stay on the proper path.

As I was reflecting on how I immerse myself in studying, reading and interviewing others about my passion, I came across M. Scott Peck’s book “The Road Less Travelled” which peaked my interest. I will need to check it out from the local library via print or ebook. Its description captivated my interest as Dr. Peck guides readers through process of change toward a higher level of self-understanding. This sounds like a great summer reading project where there are less multiple distractions, warmer air (I can sit outside and read) and time to reflect.

The second stoking of the flame came from a now-viral video that a Principal sent me which got me instantly thinking about how this young kid could get me (and even students) revved up. Watch it and think, how does this get you or your students “pepped” up? What activities consistently refresh and recharge you?


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