Intentional Leader: Uncovering the Power of Passion

11 Jan

Monthly Theme: Passion

Week: 1

Without PASSION, I find no motivation, no focus and no will to challenge myself in the work that I do. Passion drives me to strive for excellence, ask others for it and listen with intention. This month’s Intentional Leader focus is on Passion which propels us to take on challenges and pursue dreams. We need to ask ourselves what fulfills our work? When has our passion dimmed? What people/activities stroke our passion?

At this point in my life, my greatest personal fulfillment is watching my two children succeed and give them the tools to allow them to be successful global citizens. As for my professional persona, I get excited when I hear administrators, teachers and even students ‘pumped’ about using technology effectively (and making a difference) in the classroom, about the amazing relationship-building that is going on due to face to face and virtual connections.

I make every attempt to stick by and listen to those people who know how to share their professional passions, how to network to be able challenge and expand their passions. Every day is a new day, every day allows me to connect people with the proper tools, experiences, learning opportunities and conversations to make a difference in their lives and their student’s lives.

Nelson Mandela is a figure that I can certainly say has shown a lot of Passion in his lifetime. He is one that has never lost focus or vision. His quote rings true…..I am just wondering how I can transfer his thoughts and actions to the colleagues that I work with? How do they snare their Passion and move forward? What plan do I have in assisting them?


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