Intentional Leader: The Fruit of Focus

21 Dec

Monthly Theme: Focus

Week 4

Trusting in our abilities to meet the challenges placed before us can be difficult without focus, determination and a great support system. In this week’s Intentional Leader on page 63, the introductory story shares how American Olympian Jesse Owens focused on his Olympic events instead of the controversial Aryan supremacy indoctrination that was occurring in Europe in 1936.

Although my challenges may not be so politically fused or so open to a global audience, it’s very important for me to use the tools and resources before me to stay organized, planned and in contact with colleagues.

Some of my FOCUS tools:

  • Online calendar – accessible by any device (computer to smartphone)
  • Email(s) – viewing emails from all accounts through one access point allows me to scan, share, respond quickly. I like to view them early in the morning and then as needed throughout the day.
  • Task manager – there are times when I use this but I think I should try to use it more often instead of writing on a sticky note.
  • Evernote – love this online and App! I continue to find uses for gathering data in many forms (audio, text, photo).
  • Twitter – my PLN (professional learning network) never fails me when I ask a question, share a thought or learning something new.
  • SETT and Levels of Support – talking about students, their environment, tasks in learning and finally the tools and levels of support they need to be successful. This tool helps me focus our discussions and our response for resources.

What are your FOCUS tools and/or resources? Have they changed over the last number of years?




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