Intentional Leader: Remove Distractions to Remain Focused

14 Dec

Monthly Theme: Focus

Week 3

Distractions. In this 24/7 ‘connected’ global society, distractions stress us out. They sway us away from our focus….and we miss out. Check out what mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe shares about dealing with our distractions and transforming our lives in being more mindful and being available, really present in life.

Distractions in education. It is important that I need to unify my attention with my colleagues attentions and activities. The main focus is on the PSD vision and it needs to be revisited from a Division perspective and School perspective regularly. I’m a visual person so I like seeing and reading the PSD vision often and I like when meetings and projects are connected to the work that I do. Clarity, transparency and focus from Senior Team members allow me to engage my energies in the appropriate areas. I also like my reflection journey with the Intentional Leader book. This weekly and daily work allows me to FOCUS on a particular topic in relation to the work that I do. There are times where these reflections lead me to more questions than answers but there are also times where I find it’s the right question and the right time.

“We spend so little time in the present moment that it’s anything but ordinary.” — Andy Puddicombe

How do you eliminate your distractions?

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