A Successful Ed Tech Strategy

06 Dec

In this day of trying to infuse technology effectively in the learning environment, it is important that stakeholders in education set forth a bold vision.

This morning I had the opportunity to participate in an Webinar entitled “Connecting to Success in Canadian Classrooms: Ed Tech Challenges and Opportunities” where Robert Martellaci from MindShare Learning gave a Canadian Ed Tech context and Keewatin Patrician DSB in southwestern Ontario shared their 1:1 three year project. They had many great things to share about connecting technology to student learning.

* Canadian schools, staff and students are surrounded by technology. Using this technology effectively has become a priority.


* Keewatin Patrician DSB started with a 1:1 pilot three years ago in three classrooms which then went to three schools and is currently found in 23 schools. Lots of support for teacher development with tech teachers, aligning initiatives, seamless integration, school board owned devices (netbooks for students from grades 4-12, iPad pods for K-3 students and laptops for teachers).

* Questions we should be asking ourselves about technology integration in the learning environment:

1) What does an effective tech-enabled learning organization look like, feel like and sound like?

2) How are resources managed and sustained?

3) What are the most relevant and effective professional learning models for teachers?

4) How can student achievement be shown?

WHAT are you doing in your classroom, in your school and in your school division to align current initiatives with effective technology implementation?


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