Convergence between the ET/IT World

17 Nov

ATLE Convergence Conference 2012

From November 14 – 16th this year I had the opportunity to once again attend the ATLE (Alberta Teacher Leaders Conference). It was different this time since I had the opportunity to be a Member-at-Large on the Conference Committee and also co-created the pre-conference Day of Discovery PD with Discovery Education and ERLC. This is a time for both educational technology enthusiasts and information technicians to gather together under one large roof and examine what’s been happening in schools, where things are heading and sharing the success and challenges as well.

Yes, there is the swag that is offered once registrants come to the conference, but more so, there’s the time to meet with people face to face, learn something new, make new connections and get excited about what is occurring in the educational context within Alberta.


PreConference – Day of Discovery

After the all the planning, the stage was set to have Dean Shareski, Darren Kuropatwa and Hall Davidson present. It was a day filled with laughter, engagement and a lot of energy. Take a look at Dean’s great blog write-up for the day HERE.


The Wild Ride from Trees to Bits: What Going Digital Really Means


50 Ways and the Collective Brain

Telling Photo Tales

Making Mobile Media Meaningful

Panel Discussion with Alberta educators and organizations

Resources Smackdown/Demos

Great gift giveaways!

atle ATLE2012Keynotes


Balancing my time this year between keynotes, registration desk, sessions, my own presentation, ATLE ProLearn mtg and vendors was a feat in itself. But it takes a huge crew of dedicated people to pull off this huge event and I am very proud to have joined in on all the fun! Here are some brief snippets of my experiences over the few days:

  • Drew Dudley’s view on everyday leadership was brilliant. In a previous blog I mentioned that I was excited to hear him in person. His TED talk was brilliant, especially the piece on “lollipop moments”.
  • The twitter chatter using the #atle12 hashtag both in and outside the conference
  • The QR code game involving participants and vendors was a great way to have people visit and get to know the vendors and bring out a little competitiveness too! (Over 8000 scans, 160 dedicated players.)
  • Samuel’s keynote providing much food for thought and discussion among ET and IT.
  • Learning about the three stages of technology via Steve Dembo which were: technology is at first ridiculed, then its subverted and finally it’s considered. Lots of great ideas shared for use in the classroom.
  • Sharing my thoughts in my session titled – Accessibility to Learning: Removing Barriers for Students
  • The use of a completely digital daily schedule from

(I assure you that every teacher should experience an ATLE conference at least ONCE in their career. Next year’s conference is November 20-22 at Northlands Expo Centre in Edmonton.)


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