Intentional Leader: Excellence Comes by Exceeding Expectations

16 Nov

Monthly Theme: Excellence

Week 3

This week I was to consider ways that I can set the tone of exceeding expectations and how other organizations have impressed me.

This week reminds me of a phenomenal TED Talk by Tali Sharot where she shares her research suggesting that our brains are wired to look on the bright side.

For me, in the work that I do, I make every attempt to link the PSD vision and initiatives. I take a lot of time to plan workshops, sessions, webinars and working meetings. I recognize that effective planning and up-to-date research and resources allow our staff to move forward in the learning environment. It’s also a great time to build on existing relationships and develop new ones.

I know from experience that people or organizations that have exceeded my expectations in a product or service have impressed me with their:

Promptness, effectiveness, knowledge and passion

I think it is important that I continually share what services, professional learning opportunities and support that I can provide our administrators and teachers. I cannot assume that they already know what I can do to assist them in their work with students. I need to think of ways to exceed their expectations.



Image: FlickrCC



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