Intentional Leader: Excellence Demands Superior Quality

02 Nov

Monthly Theme: Excellence

Week 1

No one person nor organization wants to think of themselves as “average” but if we look at history (whether it’s in politics, sports, business, education, etc.) there a few who reach “exceptional” status. What does this mean for the rest of us? Excellence. Yes, excellence fills the gap between average and exceptional. It’s where one exceeds the expectations and consistently works to obtain, share or create superior quality work. How can I deliver a “WOW” experience for administrators and teachers? What do I need to do so this is a daily occurrence?

Paying attention to details

Our Learning Services team is known for superior PD (Professional Development), individual school support, teacher and PLC (Professional Learning Community) support, sharing of effective resources, networking with outside agencies and organizations, reminding ourselves of the district vision and overall for our kindness and compassion.

It’s not easy working on Excellence; it takes intentionality, commitment, strategy and work to achieve it.  Taking time to write down current strategies and summarizing the type of effort that has been put into them allows one to realize if the work is excellent or not. Setting goals, looking at feedback, hosting surveys, asking opinions can all lead to work becoming more focused. I continually look at my work and review how effective my PD and support that I am offering in the school division (as well as at conferences, etc.) I also look at how I am promoting the work that I do – is it clear? Do people know how I can assist them? Am I reaching the right audience? Investing the time to review but also refresh or renew my professional learning is an important step for me to align the divisional work to my professional growth. This year, my PGP (Professional Growth Plan) goals are:

  1. To prepare, engage and inspire PSD staff in effectively utilizing inclusive technologies in the learning environment.
  2. To increase student achievement in Literacy and Numeracy through teacher development.

I have many actions and strategies that involve PD, facilitating professional learning, reading, sharing, networking, reviewing what other provincial school divisions are using effectively, following Twitter chats like #edtech, #edchat, #litchat, #mathchat, engaging ‘experts’ in the field and attending conferences. How can I ensure that I make these interactions a ‘WOW’ experience? Maybe I should have a sign on my bathroom mirror saying “how am I going to make this a ‘WOW’ day?” to get my mind set in the right direction….hmmm, something to ponder.

Images: Aristotle, Wooden, Lombardi



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