Intentional Leader: Coming Together

26 Oct

Monthly Theme: Relationships

Week 4

It is the end of October and throughout Canada, schools will be starting their Remembrance Day and/or Veteran’s Week preparations. This time of year, teachers and students are remembering the courage, sacrifice, leadership and relationships that have been affected by war and peace in the World. I am reminded that our military ‘demonstrates a certain reality of interdependence of leadership and relationships’ (p.31, Intentional Leader).  Each leader within the military has a specific duty and the more influential that leader is, the more he/she relies on the relationships within their team to maximize their work. The best leaders are the ones work side by side with their colleagues and success is gained through the support and skill of all of the team members. For this week, I was to review individual ambitions versus team agenda, valuing of ideas, and relationship investment.

I am fortunate that I have a team of people within my department to rely on, yet I also have other colleagues in other departments and school sites that I am also able to connect/share/query ideas. As I think about my main Learning Services Team, we all have our individual ambitions and personal growth plans yet we are focused on supporting our district vision and its initiatives. This allows our team to move our projects forward in an effective manner. In the past, when I think about someone who failed to sacrifice a personal agenda for the good of a team that I was part of, it was:

–          Frustrating

–          The project took longer

–          Communication between members broke down

–          Outside sources were unable to trust the group

–          Main goal(s) were not reviewed on a regular basis (more transparency).

It wasn’t until a new leader came aboard and a review of work in progress was articulated that the group members were able to re-adjust for the good of the team.

Valuing others ideas comes with strongly built relationships.

–          I can remember that my first mentor-Principal sat me down and said that I would make a good Masters of Education candidate. The way he pulled out my interests, my present work, etc. made me really think about a professional direction that I had not thought of beforehand. (I did pursue my M.Ed. in Educational Leadership – I have fond memories of our cohort and the extreme learning that took place!)

–          During a SLItech (Supporting Leaders in Integrating Technology) PD session, team members indicated that they were wanting a change in the way the PD was being laid out for them. As leader of this project, I asked for feedback and then adjusted the work accordingly. This resulted in a more effective learning opportunity for the team.

–          At present, my current team members have specific duties and responsibilities in supporting the work in PSD. Although each member has a specific focus, they definitely overlap and result in many internal collaborative opportunities.

–          Our Learning Services Team develops through offering PD, sharing PD opportunities, engaging in PD, sitting on various committees and working /learning collaboratively.

Investing time in others doesn’t take much effort. Performing a small act of kindness for a colleague, family member or friend is as easy as:

–          Buying a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate

–          Baking a loaf

–          Making muffins (I know, my first three examples involve food….for the majority this is a good thing!)

–          Brushing off snow on a car parked all day

–          Writing a thank you note or email

–          Sharing your small heater for a cold office

–          Saying that you appreciate them

Investing in people and contributing with small acts of service strengthens the team and allows you to get to know individuals in a more personal manner. A more synergistic team will result of these actions.

After viewing the video above, can you think of how you can perform a small act of kindness?



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