Intentional Leader: Team Unity – We Before Me

19 Oct


Week 3

This week, I had the opportunity to look into my working relationships, team dynamics, team contribution and to take action on a challenging experience.

In thinking about team unity, I am reminded that I have a choice to commit and contribute to PSD’s Vision of creating a place where exploration, creativity and imagination make learning exciting and where all learners aspire to reach their dreams. I appreciate that I have an opportunity to work with various departments, administrators, teachers, organizations and community members to accomplish PSD’s vision. I can make a difference MYSELF, but certainly when I move from ME to WE, the making a difference piece is further empowered by multiple contributions. These multiple contributions can also be difficult. Everyone brings different experiences and perceptions to the group. At times, some group members do not share their thoughts or work in silos; not seeing the BIGGER picture or conversation. If it affects the work that I am doing I find that a one on one conversation with that particular person to connect the pieces in my mind and clarification from their end, usually suffices in moving forward. I recognize that individuals are at different points in their journey in fulfilling the greater vision and I also realize that time and understanding are key. Trying to separate data from emotion when people are passionate about their work, can be tricky when a pathway or journey is not clear.

Last year I was able to participate in two important professional learning programs which gave me clarity to maneuver that tricky pathway/journey – Cognitive Coaching and Fierce Conversations. Cognitive Coaching is a model for deeper conversations and thinking about planning, reflecting or problem solving. Fierce Conversations deals with leaders that have conversations that interrogate reality, provoke learning, tackle tough challenges and enrich relationships through four different conversational models for teams, coaching, delegation and confrontation. Each of these programs proposes understanding; meaning, taking time to understand a situation before sharing an opinion (if any). They promote seeking out resolution, communicating clearly, willing to ask for help and looking at the BIGGER picture (or VISION).

As I write this, WEDAY Alberta is streaming live on my computer screen. I see that this organizations theme of “We Inspire the Change” fits perfectly with my week long look into my working relationships. As part of an educational organization, I ask myself and the people I work with, “How can we inspire change in our organization?” and “How can we commit to our PSD Vision?” What evidence should we gather to know that we are on the right direction to fulfilling this vision? These are all questions circulating in my mind as I watch the morning portion of the live #weday webcast.

I also add in a few inspiration quotes heard during the #weday live webcast:

We are not asked to do great things. We’re asked to do all things with greater care. ~ Martin Sheen, actor

Overall, daily actions in collaborating with others are not easy, but it is so worth it when you see the results!


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