Learning for ALL: Opportunities in Transforming Education

15 Oct

I just had the opportunity to read through a through-provoking document, “A Great School for All-Transforming Education in Alberta” that I believe all educators should take time to read. Its thirty-five pages are full of information pertaining to Alberta’s journey in curriculum redesign, innovative learning practices and finally Twelve Dimensions for Transforming Education in Alberta.

This is a document that showcases the successes that provincial teachers have acquired while also presenting some challenges to political leaders on how to best partner together to further launch lasting and effective innovative teaching and learning practices. One cannot sit still, for me; a commitment to education is a commitment to learning. I need to model my learning outwardly, I need to stimulate discussions with colleagues, I need to spur action and encourage innovation.

The following WORDLE, (which is a word cloud where the words with greater prominence are the ones that appear more frequently in the source text), was generated using the thirty-five pages of information found in this document. What strikes me with the wordle image is that the words – students, learning, education, and teachers are prominent, yet all pieces of this wordle require connections in order for education in Alberta to move forward, to be innovative and to reflect on the path taken over the past century.

Do take time to read, “A Great School for All – Transforming Education in Alberta”. Hopefully it will encourage some reflection and pose some questions.

What are some achievable actions that are innovating the way you teach and learn? How are you sharing and engaging your colleagues? Please share.


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