I Have a Freading Addiction!

09 Aug

O.K., I’ll finally admit it…..I am addicted to Freading! Since the start of my holidays in July I have hungrily devoured over 50 books and I see no end to this until I return back to work in a couple of weeks. Over the past couple of years I have further utilized my public library card to access more and more digital content. This pleased me greatly since I could skim through various book titles at anytime and put holds on them. I could also use Overdrive and also put holds on ebooks and audiobooks. Both of these allowed me further access to many books, BUT…. I had to wait for them. Yes, I get excited when an email is sent to me saying that my book on hold is ready for me to pick up or download. Now that Freading is part of my daily life, I no longer have to wait for a book to be loaded on any of my e-devices (PC, Mac, Nook, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Kobo, Android). I really like this a lot! Freading currently has over 10 000 titles to choose from every genre. Library customers receive 6 tokens each Monday to exchange for eBooks. (Ebooks cost either 1, 2, or 4 tokens which are predetermined by publishers.) Any unused tokens are rolled over each week for a specific month. Ebooks are loaned out for 2 weeks with continual 2 week renewal for free if you need it.

I mainly use Freading on an iPad. I go to my Public Library website, log in with my account and go to the digital content area where Freading book titles reside. I also have the Freading app installed. Once I have found the book I like from any of the over 50 categories such as Antiques & Collectibles to Graphic Novels to Photography to True Crime, I download it. I am then asked to open it in Freading which I agree to and immediately the book is loaded before my eyes within seconds. Now I can travel anywhere and read anytime.


I have always enjoyed reading and am now thinking about sharing this with our school division teachers and librarians as another opportunity for students to access books. The Juvenile Fiction and Nonfiction categories are well stocked and I look forward to hearing from students who have entered the Freading arena.

Go ahead, get into Freading, you’ll be glad you did!


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