Listen, Learn, Have Fun says Coach Quinn

23 Jan

So what does infamous Pat Quinn, former NHL and Team Canada Coach, have to say that impacts the professional work and the intent of this blog? It was during my son’s experience at the invitational Hyundai Hockey Nation Tour that I had the opportunity to sit in a dressing room for 25 minutes and listen to a learned man who spoke definitively and directly about his experiences.  This “Big Irishman” who stands at 6’3 was only a few feet away from me yet almost a gentle giant of sorts. He instantly captured my attention with his calm tone in his voice. He briefly introduced himself, but most of his pep talk was based on three principles, these principles hold true in hockey, in life and in education, hence why I believe this information belongs in this blog.


As in the title of this blog, Pat’s three shared principles were that our hockey children to actively listen to their hockey coaches, to experience growth in their hockey play via learning new skills and knowledge and finally, to have fun while playing the game. For the role parents play in this sport, he asked us to support these three principles and to apply them in other areas of life, especially education. Yes, Pat Quinn, professional hockey player, former coach and non-practicing lawyer, spoke about the importance of EDUCATION. The importance of children in being mindful and actively engaged in whatever activity, sport and/or event they participate in. To take feedback and practice and therefore gain better skill and knowledge of the game (or a subject area) since children are at different areas of development. And to enjoy the game and/or activity they are partaking in.

While my experience with Pat Quinn was brief, he certainly left a positive impression.  (And seeing my son have the opportunity to work with various professional coaches and the dryland conditioning team for the Edmonton Oilers will not be forgotten.)


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