Spread JOY thru Conversation

05 Jan

This is my week one of the Fierce Inc  six-week challenge that I registered for just before Christmas. This past June I had the opportunity to take the Fierce Conversations sessions hosted in our school division. As a Curriculum Educational Technology Facilitator, mother and wife I found these sessions to give me further clarity in how I can be leading my personal and professional life…..right now! These Fierce Conversation sessions allowed me to align, collaborate and partner more effectively. I continue to learn and find ways to have more thorough and authentic conversations with my colleagues, family, friends and even myself. As I continue on this “fierce” journey, I was delighted to see that Fierce Inc had set out a six-week challenge for the new year. Of course, I hopped on board immediately. Nothing for me to loose and so much to gain! And……since the rest of my Central Office colleagues will soon be taking the Fierce Conversations sessions, I invited them to join in the six-week challenge too! (A number of them did take me up on the offer!)

Week 1 – When you feel gratitude and appreciation for others, let them know.

I am still on Christmas break, so this challenge was played out on my family. I have two great kids who enjoy school, learning and are well-involved in sports. My son, a 10 year old goalkeeper for his Atom hockey team, always wants to do well…..the first time. He really gets down on himself if he

doesn’t stop a shot, especially during game situations. Recently his team was in a four day concurrent tournament over the Christmas break. Each game he went out and stayed focused, made great saves and let a few in. I used my positive mindset to comment on his best efforts. He also received two ‘Player of the Game’ recognition hats and much praise from his coaches and teammates. I could see that he was starting to “self-talk” and calm himself down during later
games due to this gratitude and appreciation being shown to him. It just reminded me that showing or saying you appreciate someone’s efforts right in a particular moment can be such a boost to someone’s motivation, thoughts and/or reflections on themselves. It is a powerful and essential force that we can easily and cognitively choose to do on a daily basis.

I wonder what reactions you have gotten when you have let someone know of their efforts. Or, how have you felt when someone has appreciated you!



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