HUG an I.T person today!

22 Nov

In my opinion, the I.T. department in a school division really is one of those groups that needs to be highlighted now and then. These people work tirelessly in connecting our usage in cyberspace, running our servers, remoting in, hand delivering tech tools, installing programs, ensuring sufficient bandwidth, coordinating new equipment and answering our calls. Some work in central office, some go out to schools, some even are situated in certain schools. Each I.T. person works behind the scenes to ensure that our staff and students are able to use technology to learn, create, collaborate and network with other teachers and students across the hallway, the school division, the province and beyond.


As a Curriculum Educational Technology Facilitator, I have the privilege of working on the educational side yet have gained a sincere appreciation and understanding of the tremendous amount of effort that our I.T. departments puts in daily. I would like to thank them publicly for their work! I would also like to challenge others to thank their own I.T. department personnel.

With the abundant amount of technology tools that can now be accessed for educational purposes (see image to the left as to what I alone access), I am glad that I have the opportunity to work closely with a group of people who are coming to understand all of our educational jargon like “paradigm shifts”, “AISI”, “IPP”, “pedagogy” and “oooh, it’s shiny but it’s also good for student learning”.


Hugs to you all!

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