Leveraging Learning – ATLE Keynotes

21 Nov

This past week I made my way down to Red Deer, Alberta to the annual Alberta Technology Leaders in Education (ATLE) Conference. It’s a tech-packed 2.5 days of meeting, greeting, exchanging, learning, creating and connecting of educational technology and information technology leaders. In my current role as a Curriculum Educational Technology Facilitator in Parkland School Division, I work closely with administrators, teachers and our I.T. department. And, this conference really showcases the complementary work that both the IT and ET departments/people do together to have jurisdictions and schools working in a 21st century environment. The other piece that ATLE does well is to bring in some great, thoughtful and relevant keynote speakers.


This year, the three keynote speakers were Scott McKinney, Stephanie Hamilton and Michael Furdyk. Each of their immense biographies are found HERE. Scott gives an overview of “Moving Learning Beyond the Book” with an ET/IT perspective. It’s well worth the one hour watch. Stephanie takes us around the world and back discussing the impact that educational technology has had on student achievement. Finally, Canadian phenom Michael Furdyk walks us through the impact that technology has had on his life and the work that he is involved in getting the youth of today involved in many socially relevant online learning opportunities.


Each of these speakers have an amazing keynote speech and well worth the time to watch! Some suggestions would be to have a group of teachers eat lunch together while watching one of the keynotes, sharing bits of the videos with staff, or even sharing a clip with parent groups. You do need to log in to the ATLE streaming site and there you will find each of the Keynote videos.

If you are interested in seeing one or all of these videos, feel free to get a hold of me through email or twitter for the URL and username + password.


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