Emotional Technology – a deeper connection

10 Jun

There are times when colleagues, my PLN and students leave me ‘gobsmacked’. Just speechless and gushing and reflective and…. I must say that one of the reasons why I appreciate using technology in education and in my own learning is that sometimes it has that magical “je ne c’est quoi”. I cannot put my finger on it but it evokes an amazing amount of emotion, tugging me to REALLY take time to reflect on myself, our students, our staff, our communities and indeed, globally.

Here are a couple of emotional technology exemplars that have made an emotional impact on me. Eric Whitacre came to my attention last year his Virtual Choir of Lux Arumuque and now his Sleep virtual choir is even more amazing. Andre Chocron’s architectural music light show first came to my attention via Gizmodo where Andre, a Norwegian, has used time-lapse photography and computer programming to the tune of “Time is of the Essence” by Cold Mailman.

Watch and leave comments about how you felt after watching one or all of them! Or share other examples of Emotional Technology that you have been part of or witnessed!

Cold mailman – Time is of the essence from André Chocron on Vimeo.


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