Are U in the Tweet Matrix?

28 Feb

Follow us on Twitter - Open Atriumphoto © 2009 Todd Barnard | more info (via: Wylio)

Using social media in class allows teachers stay in touch with students thoughts and understandings. For students, twitter offers another opportunity for them to express themselves, reflect and challenge each other.

I came across a tweet from @ipadeducators discussing a twitter matrix which really intrigued me. I looked over the matrix and instantly was excited to share it with educators as it’s a great way for teachers and students to see where they are at in using Twitter.

Here’s the matrix:

More resources:

1)   Interesting Ways to Use Twitter in Class by Tom Barrett

2)  Collect historical input such as that from the Twittering Grandma

3)  Historical tweets by Lincoln, Elvis, Anne Frank, Lewis & Clark, Lassie and even Black Beard!

4)  Every Monday, send out a critical challenge in tweet-form for students to complete by Friday.

5)   Summary – in small groups have students come up with a summary statement regarding a concept just learned in class.

6)  Inspirational tweet quote of the day – students could each take a turn finding a quote that matches up with content being studied for that day.

7)   High School ideas from TeachPaperless.

It would be great to have people share how they are using Twitter in their classrooms. Please add your thoughts!


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