Are You Born to Run?

09 Feb


Today is the day before our two day Teacher’s Convention and I am busily finalizing various projects, emailing, updating, calling, attending webinars, etc., since I will be out of the office until Monday morning (well, physically, that it is…..I still have my BB and computer devices at my disposal 🙂 .) Yet, throughout this organized chaos I took 15 minutes to watch this TED Talks video by Christopher McDougall. It wasn’t a link sent to me but in my work this morning, somehow it popped up in front of me and it intrigued be even before I viewed it. Perhaps it’s because I like to run – I enjoy it even when the cold weather hits (however the ice and snow really have stopped this for me and I don’t enjoy the feel of a treadmill below my feet.)


Chris goes on to explain about a marathon runner from Ethiopia and a tribe who partake in running for pleasure, for physical well-being, with compassion and for competition.


What has running got to do with education?


In our work with students, teachers, administrators and parents, we are indeed running an ultra marathon of sorts. We need to insert compassion, competition and a desire to do better in what we do in education not just run off or around in circles.

Running is a social activity, it can be a cooperative yet competitive opportunity for us instead of a solitary one where nothing is gained nor learned in the process. Running reminds me of a quote from a senior high school student that says, “I feel like I’m on a road at a huge intersection with thousand of streets yet I’m at a loss. There is no one to tell me the way, no “911” in the real world. You can’t just call up and say, “Hey, I need a destination, I need a place to go.” Even if someone did tell me where to go, I wouldn’t listen. Sometimes I feel like I’m going nowhere. Sure I’m on the Santa Monica freeway, but where am I going in life?”

What are we doing to discover ourselves and our desires into increasing the sense of community within the school environment?

I continue to work on my commitment to listening, learning and teaching about my journey in education, in my community and in the world that surrounds me. Maybe this is why Chris’ video “popped” up at me today. I needed a break to reflect on where I have been going, where I am at and what I want to do.

How about you?



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