Authentic Learning Experiences

03 Feb

Mubarak out - Egypt Uprising solidarity Melbourne protestphoto © 2011 Takver | more info (via: Wylio)As a voracious reader of articles, blogs, magazines, tweets and books I continue to find opportunities to support authentic learning within the classroom. Yes, teachers have a curriculum to follow in Alberta however it is ALWAYS more engaging, interesting and relevant when we and our students can bring in the outside world straight into the classroom. The deepening understanding shown in the class conversations, debates and on the students’ faces really get me pumped that this relevancy is pertinent to their further understanding of themselves, their community and the world at large. Social media, 24/7 news and the internet have impacted their lives whether teachers like it or not. Let’s use these media sources to our advantage so that we have informed citizens, critical thinkers and collaborators!

What is all this excitement about?

Reading Zoe’s blog today and the results from her pre-service teachers was something that I could not let pass by without a comment and of course, a sharing session to colleagues! Not only did she change her lesson, but the lessons shared are OUTSTANDING and something teachers anywhere can use NOW and adapt for other uses. Thank you to Zoe and her students for getting me excited about:
1) Sharing these lessons,
2) Further pushing my thoughts about making learning authentic, and
3) Continuing to showcase the reflective process we should all partake in as lifelong learners!

Check out Zoe’s blog and Current Events Lessons (regarding the Egypt protests).

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