Making an Impact: Instructional Coaching

21 Jan

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Today I had the opportunity to attend an ERLC workshop showcasing Jim Knight and his work in instructional coaching. Being a part of a savvy Learning Services group at Division Office, I have overheard Jim’s name bounded about our meeting rooms and in our conversations, so I was quite enthused to sit with a number of Parkland people for this session.

Jim is a man filled with some great research, lit reviews and fantastic video exemplars. He has a relaxing yet informative air about him and I am looking forward to delving further into his newest book, Unmistakable Impact.

The day was set up to introduce use to the “nuts and bolts” of instructional coaching including, how coaches:

(a) enroll teachers

(b) model lessons

(c) observe lessons

(d) discuss data and

(e) reflect on their practices.

Throughout the day, participants spent time getting to know each other’s thoughts on specific questions posed by Jim. How interesting was it to participate in building relationships with four new colleagues. Not only where we getting to understand the basic concept of instructional coaching, we were building new relationships which allows us to connect and learn together in an inviting manner (even though the room at WEM was pretty tight).

What do I see as things I can work on now that I have attended this session?

1)     I really need to look at what instructional coaching I can offer administrators and teachers to integrate technology into student/staff learning through writing up a one page document as suggested by Jim.

2)   I am going to take more time to research the clear directions required associated with each of the items in #1. Do I want to use checklists? What else might I want to add to this?

3)   Subscribe to Jim’s online presences on:

  1. Instructional Coaching
  2. The Big Four
  3. Jim’s Radical Learners Blog
  4. Follow @jimknight99 on twitter

4)   Continue to review the notes that I took during the session.

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