My Ultimate Word for 2011

03 Jan

I am a Learning Object - Empowerment through each otherphoto © 2008 Steven Parker | more info (via: Wylio)
In the past few days I have read a number of blogs discussing some type of resolution(s) for this upcoming year. Being one that really has not “set” or wrote up a number of resolutions for January 1st the blogs were all a good read and I enjoyed how some eloquently wrote up their thoughts and action plans for 2011. I do set up action plans throughout the year which keep me going. Once I reach a goal or two, then others are set or renewed…that’s how it’s worked, until I read @azjd’s blog on Courage. It was as if Jeff was speaking directly to me, “you know this is a great way for you to choose ONE WORD to inspire you throughout 2011 – I dare you to do it!”

I reread his post then went over to @gritandglory’s original blog discussing her 2010 path with her ONE WORD resolution because I was intrigued by this post. It was a novel idea to me. In education we attempt to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple silly) when learning, why not for a resolution too?

Now came my turn to think of ONE WORD for 2011. What was I going to hang my thoughts, reflections and actions onto? ONE WORD, could I really achieve and work with one instead of a few goals? Wow. With a bit of brainstorming and a look at an earlier poster that I had up on my office wall in 2010, I had found my ONE WORD or I think; it had found me. It’s not a new word, but I believe it to be a bold word; one that I can rely on to keep me grounded and engaged for the whole year.

My ONE WORD for 2011 is – EMPOWERMENT!

Fom Wikipedia, Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social, or economic strength of individuals and communities. It often involves the empowered developing confidence in their own capacities. (I really like that statement!)

With empowerment, I plan to:

  • Gain skills and knowledge to overcome  challenges in my life.
  • Access info and resources for decision-making.
  • Consider a variety of options before making decisions.
  • Exercise assertiveness in collective decision-making.
  • Think positively when making a change.
  • Inform and influence others through communication and collaboration.
  • Understand that self-growth is never ending.
  • Increase my positive self-image.
  • Share, share, share with others.
  • Grow my PLN.
  • Challenge my assumptions and re-evaluate my thoughts, values and being.
  • Continue to promote digital, media and information literacy as a means to communicate within society.
  • Engage others to manage their learning, leading and teaching.
  • Experience and actively gather amazing memories.
  • Live life full of risks and learn from my experiences.
  • Be of service to my family, friends and colleagues.

EMPOWERMENT is my ONE WORD for 2011, what is yours?


3 responses to “My Ultimate Word for 2011

  1. Alece

    January 3, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    love the proactiveness of your word… like you’re ready to take this year by the horns and show it who’s boss!

    • slitech

      January 4, 2011 at 8:16 am

      Thanks Alece – it certainly gets me “revved” up!


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