What Matters Now

26 Aug

This slideshare, which I first shared with a group of administrators in our very own Supporting Leaders in Integrating Technology (SLItech), is hosted by Seth Godin and various contributors. It is chalked full of great slides that administrators and teachers can share, learn from, explore and reflect on throughout this school year. They are all free to share and so good that I copied my original SLItech blog and posted the info here as well. These slides WILL make an impact on your thoughts and actions this year. Some specific slides may even make a deeper connection! Some of my favorites include 5 (Seth Godin); 15 (Michael Hyatt); 19 (Chris Anderson); 20 (Tom Peters);  25 (Dan Pink); 50 (Chip and Dan Heath); 60 (David Weinberger); and 63 (Todd Sattersten).

Seth Godin (5) writes about our opportunity to make a difference where “people will gravitate to you. They want to engage, interact and to get you more involved.” This, in turn, allows a more deep connection. In our schools we really should work towards this, as Seth remarks, “You touch people or projects and change them for the better.”

Michael Hyatt’s (15) vision reminds us that we need to keep this in the forefront of what we do, say and share on regular basis within our school division, our schools and in our communities. Too often, “vision is the first causality” when too many other things are beckoning our time and effort.

Chris Anderson (19) is genius on “atoms.”

“Anybody with an idea and a little bit of of self-taught expertise can set assembly lines in motion in China with nothing more than some keystrokes on their laptop… they are a virtual microfactory…. the collective potential of a million garage tinkerers is now about to be unleashed on the global marketplace.  “Three guys with a laptop” used to describe a web startup, but now it describes a hardware company too.  Peer production, open source, crowdsourcing, DIY and UGC– all these digital phenomena are starting to play out.  Now the revolution gets real.”

This is the global society our students are part of, and we must challenge them, support them – be those three guys with a laptop – and respect that many of them already are, or infinitesimally close to becoming so.

Tom Peters (20) offers 19 E’s of Excellence, and it’s my favorite slide. I think I am going to post this one in my office.

I adore Dan Pink (25).  His piece is on Autonomy, an excerpt from his new book, Drive.  “After a decade of spectacular underachievement, what we need now is less management and more freedom– fewer individual automatons and more autonomous individuals.”

Chip and Dan Heath (50) write on Change.  “Stop agonizing about what’s not working. Instead, ask yourself, “What’s working well, right now, and how can I do more of it?” Classic.

David Weinberger (60) reminds us that that, “if we listen only to those who are like us, we will squander the great opportunity before us: To live together peacefully in a world of unresolved differences.”

Finally, Todd Sattersten (63) writes about one of my favorite movies – The Karate Kid. We must remember to obtain focus, to inquire and to “be present”.

Our challenge in education in the SLItech project is to integrate learning into the digital-age where students, administrators, teachers and communities are active, engaged and motivated to connect to daily.

**Please share and make comments on your favorite slides!


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